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Eurocup Sailhorse

Registration opening soon


The Sailhorse community is extending her 50th anniversary by Sailing the Eurocup at the Vinkeveense plassen in the Netherlands. Hosted by Watersportvereniging Vinkeveen-Abcoude, this will be a traditional Sailhorse community event. Like so many Eurocups we already sailed and enjoyed. 

We welcome all European Sailhorse Sailors to parcitipate, and enjoy a nice weekend among friends.

You can find the harbor/clubhouse at this adress: Baambrugse Zuwe 143-F, 3645 AE Vinkeveen,  and find out more about our hosts at https://www.wvavinkeveen.nl


Program for the 44th Eurocup Sailhorse 

Vinkeveense plassen, the Netherlands

Hosted by Watersportvereniging Vinkeveen-Abcoude


Wednesday May 12th       Starting 13:00 competitors can arrive, launching boats, setting up camp.

                                           Clubhouse is opened for a bite and a drink.


Thursday May 13th

7:30                                  Breakfast*

9:00-11:00                       Registration of competitors

11:00                               Skippers meeting and opening ceremony.

12:55                                Warning signal for race 1 of 3 scheduled races

18:00                                Barbecue** at the clubhouse for all competitors, happy hour


Friday May 14th    

7:30 B                             Breakfast*   

9:55                                Warning signal for race 1 of 2 scheduled races


13:55                              Warning signal for race 1 of 3 scheduled races

19:00                              Captain’s Dinner***

                                       (including raffle of the 50th anniversary jib****)


Saturday May 15th

7:30                                Breakfast*

9:55                                Warning signal for race 1 of 2 scheduled races


13:55                              Warning signal for race 1 of 2 scheduled races

17:00                              Price winners and closing ceremony.

18:00                              Chinese food buffet*****


Note: Scheduled times can be affected by finish times of the races


Sunday May 16th

8:00                                Breakfast*

Trailering boats, packing and taking home good memories



*        Breakfast can be reserved at the cost of € 10, - per person per day. Reservation with registering for the event. Preparing your lunch bag is included.

**       The Barbecue is included for all competitors. Non-competitors can participate at the cost of € 20, - per person.

***      Captain’s dinner is a fixed menu:

  • Soup
  • Steak, French fries and salad
  • New York Cheesecake or ice cream
  • 3 drinks included.
  • Reservation with registering for the event, at the cost of € 25,- per person

****     30 members bought a full anniversary Sailhorse promotion package. They are competing in the raffle.

*****   The Chinese food buffet offers a variety of dishes, baked rice, noodles, pork, chicken, egg and   vegetables. Reservation with registering for the event, at the cost of € 17,50 per person.


If You have any diet or allergy wishes, or want to eat vegetarian; please mail wedstrijdzaken@sailhorse.nl or call Rolf Deen +31 686613746 


Omgaan met Covid-19

Uiteraard, het “nieuwe normaal” zal de organisatie voor uitdagingen stellen. Maar gelooft u mij; Als het ons gegeven is dit evenement door te laten gaan, zullen we zeker aan alle eisen kunnen voldoen! Kunnen we niet in het clubhuis samen eten? Dan zorgt WVA voor uitgifte punten en kunt u van uw ontbijt en avondmaaltijd genieten in de beslotenheid van uw tent.

Coping with Covid-19

Believe it or not, the "new normal" will challenge the organisation. But be assured: If it is given us to let this event go through, we will match all health demands.  If required alternatives for using the clubhouse will be provided.  Possibly you can enjoy Your meal, drinks and breakfast in Your tent. Please do not hesitate tot register. If the worst-scenario occurs and we have to cancel tje event by government demands, your entry fee will be refunded.






  • 13 mei 2021 - 15 mei 2021

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